We’re Social Starters and we match business volunteers with entrepreneurs tackling issues in their communities. We currently do this in India, Sri Lanka & Brazil.
We believe that it’s through social entrepreneurship that some of the world’s most pressing challenges can have solutions found for them.
Our volunteer opportunities are expertly designed for skilled professionals to develop, learn and share their skills in a social impact environment.
This is real travel with purpose. You immerse yourself into a different culture, spending time with local people solving problems through enterprising models. Your specialist background and skills will be an advantage to support them on their journey to financial sustainability.
We help you get equipped to take on the role of Social Impact Consultant through pre-preparatory work and training.
And we also believe that it’s through open source collaboration, connecting the dots between cultures and behaving untraditionally that we can change the world order. Our alumni have gone on to work in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, or are back in their roles in the private sector implementing change and behaving intrapreneurially.
This blog is designed to share some of our impact stories – to introduce our community to the people who have joined us on this mission since 2014, and to give a platform and voice to the many talented professionals and entrepreneurs who have passed through our door.

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  1. How can I join the programme in India and what it costs ! Kindly revert as I am eager to change my life and make it meaningful. For the same purpose I have taken career break right now.


  2. Hi ! What do you mean matching skilled professionals. Are these professionals necessary linked already with the business or corporate world? My background is in linguistics, translations , interpreting and teaching. Bu I am interested in working in social enterprise and hopefully have an impact in the future in alternative methods of education and community building. And I am happy to take a break from mid September
    Best whishes

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