Tine de Bock, an academic, from Belgium has swapped the lecture theatre for co-working space as she applies her marketing expertise to working with Incredible Brilliant Youth , the social enterprise helping young people boost their confidence and self-esteem through empowering workshops and training. Find out more about what motivates Tine and her ambitions for the Autumn programme… 

I got my PhD in Applied Economic Sciences (topic: Consumer Ethics) in April 2012 (Department of Marketing, Ghent University) and, later on, started as an Assistant Professor of Marketing (KU Leuven, Campus Brussels). Apart from research in domains like marketing/consumer ethics and ethics in fundraising, I teach several courses (Marketing, Marketing Communication, Business Research Methods, …).

Via teaching, research and some business consultancy, I’m able to support organisations by means of my expertise and skills in the domains of marketing and communication, ethics in fundraising, consumer research/psychology, and market research (both qualitative and quantitative).

I came to understand that what truly sparks my enthusiasm at work are the stories of people and organizations who try their best to fundamentally change the world engaging in a “no business as usual”-way. In my current job, I mainly feel passionate about those research and teaching projects that are socially driven. The time feels right for me to descend from the supposedly ivory tower of academia and to further pursue this socially-oriented path.

The programme offered by _SocialStarters is ideal to provide a more strategic direction to my personal objective and to discover how I can contribute to purpose-driven companies building on my current skills and knowledge. Being able to follow such a programme amid a group of people who are on the same page and share the same interests, though each bringing their own stories and backgrounds to the table, is truly enriching.

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Tine is taking part in our Autumn programme and has been working with her social enterprise client over 12 weeks. You can learn more about you can apply your skills and experience to a purpose driven business and join our upcoming Spring programme HERE


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