Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant, Lisa

Lisa has taken a career break to explore how her marketing experience with a large FMCG company can be applied to a social enterprise, working with youth development and training social enterprise, Inspirational Youth on our Summer programme.

Hi, I’m Lisa.  For the past 10 years I’ve worked in various marketing roles for a large FMCG corporation, working both in the UK and internationally.  This gave me a great base to build my professional experience and also opportunity to travel and learn about different markets and cultures.  I recently though found myself wondering what else is out there, what more can I learn, and how else can I put to good use the skills I’ve developed?  So, I decided to take a career break to take a step back and have some time to reflect on what my next career step will be, while at the same time having some new experiences.

I came across _SocialStarters and it immediately appealed. A chance to discover the world of social entrepreneurship, an area I have been increasingly interested in, and experience something different in a meaningful way.

I’m looking forward to the new challenge of translating the skills and knowledge I’ve gained during my time in FMCG to social entrepreneurs.  My career to date has spanned roles in brand management, innovation project management, and commercial trade marketing. In my most recent role, an important focus was also to develop new business models and apply learning from start-ups so I’m eager to learn and build on this further, directly from the start-ups themselves.

Outside of work, I love getting active outdoors and being close to nature.  Living in Switzerland for 7 years has that effect! To kick off my career break I went on a trip to India and Nepal that fed my desire to travel and learn about new cultures, and provided me some bigger mountains to explore!

I’m excited about the new adventure the _SocialStarters programme will provide this summer, and looking forward to seeing where it will take me next.

To join career breakers like Lisa on our next Autumn programme and learn more about how your professional skills and experience could be used to benefit a social enterprise, apply now HERE.  Applications open until July!


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