Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant, Helder

Helder will be applying the digital marketing skills he has gained working with a range of  businesses to support the founders of social enterprise, Juta Shoes to boost their impact and profitability on our latest Summer programme. 

I’ve recently come across with the world of social enterprises and social impact and I must say this has resonated with me in many ways, thus I’m super excited to be part of the _Social Starters Summer programme.

My experience…

For the past 8 years I have gathered extensive experience in Digital Marketing, focused mainly on eCommerce businesses. Spanning from social media to email marketing, SEO or paid advertising, I have helped foster and implement digital marketing plans from the ground up. I am currently working with Google advertising solutions for large advertisers in the German market.

My skills…

Besides my digital marketing knowledge, I believe I can bring business acumen nurtured in my experience as a consultant with small, medium and large businesses. This can translate into small things like writing an email to bigger projects such as managing meetings with different stakeholders or brainstorming the next business idea.

Above all else… there are two things that are crucial for me in this project:

  • develop strong collaborative relationships, with a key focus on brainstorm and exchange of ideas
  • position myself as a trusted partner who is aligned with the purpose and goals of the organization and the people I’ll be working with

You can learn more about how your skills and experience could help make a difference to social enterprises on our next Autumn programme HERE.

You can also join us at our next Grow Your Purpose Driven Network event in London on Thursday 24th May. More details HERE…


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