Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant, Paul

Paul is taking a sabbatical from a successful career in the corporate world to learn more about social entrepreneurship and work with inspiring organisations like our client, Clear Minds.

My working life thus far has been in the corporate world, most latterly as CEO for Ford in France and Renault in the U.K. My career has developed through multiple finance, marketing and sales roles. I have worked in a start-up environment whilst setting up a sales company in Romania which included all recruitment, finding offices, setting up accounting and living through those issues that throw themselves up day to day.

I have global experience and have set up an office in India whilst also working with teams in China and Brazil. Working with different cultural norms has taught me not to expect issues to be solved the same way from place to place. In my view every situation is unique and needs to be treated as such.

As an individual I am known for rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in, so whoever I can help I would want to get involved rather than only sit on the side-lines. However I am there to help as needed, not to interfere. I am told I am easy to work with and always open to contrary views whilst always asking the right questions.

Our Summer programme got underway at the beginning of May and Paul joins 13 other social impact consultants. Learn how you can join our Autumn programme and help social entrepreneurs boost their sustainability and impact HERE…


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