Interview with Filipa, co-founder of United Kitchens

This summer we’ve have 10 clients as part of our Assignment programme in the UK, one of which is United Kitchens, a food start up who’s mission is to build skills and income within the immigrant community. We caught up with Filipa de Como, one of the co-founders after her assignment with fundraiser Beth, had ended.

Hi Filipa. Thanks for being a client of _SocialStarters, we’re so happy to have been able to support you. Tell our community a little about what you do, what’s the mission you’re trying to solve and how are you doing it?

​United Kitchens offers immersive cooking experiences with immigrants in their own homes. We find highly skilled home cooks from countries all over the world, train them into becoming hosts for their home countries cuisines and find guests to attend cooking sessions in their homes. United Kitchens is and always will be a journey for all involved. Not a destination.  We aim to empower hosts to feel part of wider society and to share their culture with pride. The process, training and support provided by United Kitchens is just the beginning of that journey. 

Great! How did you hear about _SocialStarters and what was the experience of applying to becoming a client like?

​I found out about Social Starters via Impact Hub Islington, where I work. Applying was very straight forward and I found the whole process very easy.​


As a result of our programme, _TheAssignment, you were assigned a volunteer Consultant in the form of Beth from London. Tell us a little bit about how you initially felt taking on a stranger and bringing her into the organisation for 6 weeks?

​I loved working with Beth, as she was passionate about the project and immediately resonated with our values and mission. It was good to have someone new to introduce a more clear vision and also to action important steps that we were less confidant to take.


The process is that we introduce you over a call, and then you’ll have a first meeting with your volunteer. What was the objective of this first meeting, and how differently (if anything) did you feel after?

​We immediately connected and felt that it would be great to work together. The first meeting was great to set clear goals for the 6 weeks and define better how we could achieve them.​


What achievements did your volunteer make with you during her time at United Kitchens?

Beth helped us with setting up a fundraising strategy and also put us in contact with relevant organisations that were happy to partner with us. We also hosted a focus group which was great to get feedback from our audience. 


And finally, what has surprised you about your time as a client on _TheAssignment?

How much we achieved and how fast things started to flow during the 6 weeks we worked together. ​

​I want her back! We are still in contact and maybe we will have the means to hire her after we launch.​

Find out more about _SocialStarters via our website and you can check out United Kitchen’s new website here.


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