Introducing Social Impact Consultant, Roberto

When I saw that there were 2 places left for the Immersion Program with _SocialStarters in Brazil I felt like applying immediately, this is an opportunity I’ve looking for since last year. My best friend applied to a similar program last year and he truly inspired me to do it.

I’m from Mexico, I graduated as a mechanical engineer and started working in management consulting for the last 3 years. During my professional experience I’ve done projects in different countries, facing different types of people and cultures and I feel that I have developed a great expertise in business strategy and intelligence.

I believe that when you put your skills, time and spirit in the service of others you’ll find the best version of yourself. And when you combined it with high motivation and great attitude you can make a meaningful impact that can really last.

In the past, I’ve always been involved in social programs, but never with a focus on developing a business, and I’m convinced that I can put to good use my business skills, but also develop as a people person and understand how to relate to a different culture in a short period of time and get the best from the people you work with.

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For me, this opportunity means a life changing experience that will allow me to understand more about myself and hopefully in the future, become an entrepreneur and be able to help people in similar situations in my country.

I’m very excited to get to know Brazil’s culture, people and the other volunteer consultants, so we can share an amazing experience and most importantly, to make an impact that matters.

Roberto is currently resident on the Immersion Programme in Brazil. This is the last group programme scheduled for 2017 but watch this space, as new group programmes and opportunities will be uploaded in spring/summer 17. To solo volunteer on your career break with a social entrepreneur in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil or the UK check out _TheAssignment now.


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