Introducing Social Impact Consultant Oliver Carter

Hello!  I’m Ollie from London and on a sabbatical from my career working in financial services in London. Having been in that space for much of the past ten years I am looking forward to experiencing something a little different.

When I stumbled across the Social Starters programme about 12 months ago, it seemed like just the opportunity I was looking for – to work directly with social entrepreneurs at the same time as living abroad in an exciting city which I had spent the previous summer watching as it hosted the 2016 Olympic Games.

My interest in social entrepreneurship started when I went to a talk about it in London sometime last year.  There I came to appreciate the huge potential it has in solving problems which have not been addressed via either the for-profit or public sector.

I’ve been following that thread ever since; attending a conference at the Oxford Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and going to startup pitch events.  I have been amazed and inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial startups people have created to solve some of the most intractable problems in society.

I am looking forward to living in Rio, I enjoy sports and the outdoors so when not consulting I hope to be trekking, surfing, soaking up the Sun and savoring some Brazilian BBQ.

I have had some of my most amazing travel experiences in South America – trekking in northern Peru, in Chilean Patagonia and hanging out in Buenos Aires. Brazil is a country I have not yet explored and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Ollie is currently resident on the Immersion Programme in Brazil. This is the last group programme scheduled for 2017 but watch this space, as new group programmes and opportunities will be uploaded in spring/summer 17. To solo volunteer on your career break with a social entrepreneur in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil or the UK check out _TheAssignment now.


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