Introducing Social Impact Consultant Elise

Written by Elise Kammerer, a change management consultant who has joined us in Hyderabad to support Rennis, who is the founder of Ignis Careers, a social enterprise which aims to promote purposeful learning through running English and life skills labs.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” this quote from Mahatma Gandhi is my personal motto and is the quote that inspired me to participate in the program in India offered by Social Starters.

Originally from France, I started my professional career 5 years ago in Switzerland and I am still there working in management consulting. During this time i developed an expertise in project management and organizational change management where is specialized on topics such as culture, the workplace of the future and learning.

I want to live by my motto thus be an actor of change. I am looking to make some adjustments to my professional life to find a way to make an impact that matters.

I have always been drawn to the social economy and fascinated by social entrepreneurs, I want to get a taste of this world and see if my skills could be put to good use there. I started a sabbatical in January with no plan, just knowing that something would come along, and there it was the last minute call for applications for the Immersion Program in India.

It instantly hit me that it was exactly what I was looking for since I was looking to do something meaningful. What best than going to India to immerse myself into a whole new culture and to get out of my comfort zone?!

I was looking for an opportunity to take a few steps back, reflect on my current life situation and reconnect with my inner self, learning to trust my instinct and follow my heart.

This program is the perfect opportunity to do all of this but also to test my skills and learn new ones and most importantly for me to discover the world of social entrepreneurship and meet fellow change agents.

There are just TWO places left for our final Immersion Programme of the year, taking place in Rio de Janeiro from 18th March. Fancy yourself as a Social Impact Consultant, taking 6 weeks out of your life, and living with a likeminded group of people all on a similar journey to create change in their lives, and in the lives of others? APPLY HERE and book no later than 18th February 2017.


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