Introducing Social Impact Consultant Justina

Written by Justina Markeviciene

I am in my late 20s and so far have lived in four different countries and cultures. My dream is to create a life where I can get to know many more exciting places and make a positive impact along the way.

Throughout my career, I have been searching for and exploring different ways that I could make a difference – from science, to behaviour change campaigns, to public policy making.

Recently I’ve been inspired and intrigued to explore social enterprises as structures for making a positive impact. For about a year I’ve been studying start-ups and am very excited to apply my knowledge, skills and mindset to assist an enterprise to thrive.

I love challenges and experiments, so this programme for me is 6 weeks taken out of my normal life to immerse myself in a completely different environment, to experience and learn things I never thought I could.

I’m going to Hyderabad to join the Immersion Programme in Feb 2017 with an open mind, in search for adventures, insights, friendships and life-enriching experiences. And to tick Holi off my bucket list.

We have just two places left on our final Immersion Programme of the year, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to share your skills with a young entrepreneur who needs your support? Can you take 6 weeks out of your life in March/April, and are you up for a unique travel adventure? Find out more about APPLY NOW to #JoinUs in Brazil!


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