Bored? Frustrated? Tired? Unstimulated?

Bored? Frustrated? Tired? Unstimulated? Feeling lacklustre, creatively blocked, held back or unstimulated?

Do you feel like you need a change – anything, actually – but something that will enable to you bust out the repetitive mould and bounce back into the world with a great huge gigantic and monsterous HELLLO WORLD?

We have designed a new programme, just for you.

The Social Innovation Bootcamp takes place in Rio. And it starts 4th July 2015. And it runs for two weeks. Flights from London are currently very attractively priced too. So check it out via the link below. What do you have to lose? It’s only a URL.

WARNING: clicking the following URL can be dangerous. It has been known to cause people to break free from their current lives, and go and do something outside their comfort zone.


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