#InternationalDayofHappiness: what makes me happy?

Here’s some thoughts in celebration of today’s #InternationalDayofHappiness (which should be celebrated everyday!) 
What makes me happy?
It’s the little things that count.
Over the years I’ve learnt that it’s the little things that count, the little things that make you smile.
Life is all about finding balance and with my busy schedule of working 7 days a week, I sometimes forget to do just that! I’m sure all of you busy bees can relate to that 😉
The little things that make me happy:
– Waking up to a blue, sunny sky
– Walking to work when it’s not raining and your feet aren’t turning blue
– Pizza with tea? (Kidding)
– Eating all my favourite foods (paneer, seafood, the list goes on..)
– When no one wakes me up early on the weekend
– When someone smiles at you on the tube (very rare!)
– When trains aren’t delayed and ruin your whole day #nationalrailissues
– When people say sorry after they’ve barged into you (a bit of gratitude is so so nice :))
– When everyone around you is smiling and enjoying life #LifeIsTooShort
– And finally but not least, spending quality time with all the precious people in my life.
So smile! And the world will smile back at you.
Written by _SocialStarters team member @sehgal_shalini

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