Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant #4 – Emma Wilson

Former Brand Controller at L’Oreal, Emma is joining us in February in Hyderabad in India along with her partner Paul.
As someone who graduated in the midst of the recession/credit crunch I made the choice to jump at the first opportunity to start my career and begin a professional accountancy qualification.
Over the years that I was working full time and studying part time I felt a desire and drive to work hard and be successful. It was my hope that this would give me security and stability and thus happiness.
However, once I completed my qualification and worked myself up to a role that I could be proud of, I was overcome by a constant feeling that something was missing.
I spent many months exploring my thoughts and my feelings, weighing up what was important to me and trying to understand why I felt such weight for the life that I had. It dawned on me that I felt a sense of privilege for what I had achieved; but whilst I had worked hard for it all I was also very aware of how lucky I have always been to even be given these opportunities to study and be educated.
That is when I realised what would make me happiest would be helping other people with the knowledge I have been lucky enough to acquire; along with travelling the world to see the different environments that people exist within.
I made the decision to hand my notice in at work to embark upon this mission and just 3 days later came across the opportunity in India working with _SocialStarters.
It felt like fate!
I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the team working in Hyderabad and working with UnLtd. The range of clients that we will work with are so diverse and inspiring and I know that I will take away from this more than I could have hoped for.
Would you like to join us as a Trainee Social Enterprise Consultant, and work alongside grassroots social entrepreneurs in India? We are currently recruiting for our next programme, which starts 25th April and runs for 6 weeks. If so, please send across your CV and a cover note explaining why you think this opportunity is for you to

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