Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant #3 – Paul Goff

Paul Goff is joining us in India in February, in Hyderabad, Telengana. He’s joining us with his girlfriend Emma Wilson, who we will tell you more about next week! Here’s a few words from Paul.
I’ve always had a passion and drive to both make change happen and push things forward…
Before staring my engineering degree at the University of Nottingham I was lucky enough to spent 3 months in Belize volunteering for Raleigh International. During this time the team build a primary school in a remote village alongside locals and completed a number of conservation projects. I think this experience really sparked my passion for travel, culture, and making a difference.
Pre getting going on building a career in London I worked in the west coast of Canada to feel the great outdoors before starting the urban march. After almost 10 years in London I have spent the majority of my time occupied as a business and supply chain consultant. The pace, variety and quality of people were major factors in my drive to both join and stay in this industry.
Recently I have moved away from labouring as a consultant to operating much more pragmatically and independently in the area of operations management. I’ve really enjoyed this change. The transition is continuing as I look to take a stride into Social Entrepreneurship.
Outside of work, outdoor activities are my major passion. Be it running, surfing, climbing, cycling, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking – yes please to all of that! I have supported a number of charities that are close to my heart through some of these adventures.
Looking forwards, the opportunity to work with Social_Starters in India really fills me with a tremendous amount of excitement to truly make a difference to both a small business and a social challenge. Bring it on!
Would you like to join us as a Trainee Social Enterprise Consultant, and work alongside grassroots social entrepreneurs in India? We are currently recruiting for our next programme, which starts 25th April and runs for 6 weeks. If so, please send across your CV and a cover note explaining why you think this opportunity is for you to
Interviews will be taking place throughout January and February, but places are limited and will go on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay if you’re keen!

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