Introducing Social Enterprise Consultant #1: Jennifer Brandon

I grew up as an inquisitive soul, never stopping to ask why we do things and what effect this has on our surroundings…

Whilst studying for my degree in Economics, I started work at the housing charity, The Peabody Trust and helped to launch a pilot outreach scheme aimed at understanding the thoughts and opinions of elders in the borough, in order to better serve their needs. I really started to develop an interest in people and their behaviour, which lead me to my first internship at the insight company, Flamingo International , back in 2007. I learnt first-hand the power of qualitative research and ethnography – looking at life as it’s actually lived, understanding the behaviour and experience of real people in the real world.

After graduating from Bristol University, I gained my qualification in market and social research and have spent the large part of the last 6 years advising international brands on consumer behaviour. I have helped direct businesses, so that they are more in tune with people’s needs.

During my last role as a Consultant at Pragma Consulting, I was asked to advise on a cultural development project in Dubai, with the aim of fostering interest in art and design across the city.  It was at this time where I realised my true passion of social research and the effect of developing something above and beyond any commercial goals within a community.

Wanting to start tackling social issues and improve people’s quality of life, I am just about to get going with _Social Starters, in Eldoret, Kenya. Through human-centred design, we’ll be listening to the needs of Kenyan’s and working with bright Youth Entrepreneurs to help create their environments and launch some fantastic social impact businesses in the process…


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